The base is home to No. 34 Squadron RAAF, which is responsible for the operations of the RAAF's VIP transport aircraft that are used to transport Australian officials such as the Prime Minister, cabinet ministers, the Governor General, the leader of the opposition and high ranking defence force officers when travelling both internationally or within Australia. Besides being the home base of No 34 Squadron's special purpose VIP BBJ1s and Bombardier Challenger 604s, Fairbairn is also regularly used by other defence force aircraft. The airport is used by official aircraft carrying foreign heads of state or government when visiting Canberra, for example when the US President visits Canberra, Air Force One lands there.

118.700  TWR
124.500, 125.900  APP
116.700, 127.450, 263.000  ATIS
121.700  SMC
125.900  FIA Melbourne Centre
243.000  GUARD Distress
131.000  Fire / Rescue
129.650  Dept.of Defence
415.5625  Dept.Agriculture
486.675, 487.075, 487.425  Capital Airport Group
392.150  Dept.Home Affairs
225.000 to 400.000 SCAN MILITARY AIRCRAFT